All Depends on the size, location and type of dent but usually under an hour.
Any dents suitable for PDR will be restored to pre accident condition so it is like the damage never happened!
No, the methods used ensure the dent once repaired will stay repaired. The only way the dent will return is by denting the panel again.
NUnfortunately, No. There are many factors affecting a repair so is best to send us a picture using our contact form so we can let you know if a repair is possible. Paintless Dent Removal is very effective for the following situations,
• Small to Larger Dents / Dings
• Car park Door Dings, Trolley dents are our most common repairs but the list is endless
• The paint must not be damaged, chipped or cracked as we do not carry out any paint repairs.
Definitely, Car garages have been using dent removal for years to ensure the value of the car reaches its full potential. Often covering the cost of the repair several times over. Think about this, Would you buy a dented can from a supermarket? You’d probably reach for the one next to it. Well if you would do that for something not even costing a pound? With it so easy to access thousands of vehicles for sale nowadays, make sure yours is in the best sale condition.
The methods used will retain your original factory finish unlike other methods which require painting and colour matching. The repair will be accessed by behind the damaged panel causing no damage whatsoever.
Every dent and panel is different so use our enquiry page and send us a picture of your dent for an estimate.
Please avoid doing this at all cost! There are many things affecting the dent and need to removed correctly. DIY dent removal will often cause more problems, increasing the cost and may even cause it to be un-repairable.
Yes, no problem.