ensuring your vehicle stock is always ready to be presented



Dent Diamond is a leading Paintless Dent Removal company covering Dorset and Salisbury that is committed to providing the best Dent Removal Service around.

We can arrange regular timely visits to ensure your vehicle stock is always ready to be presented. In addition we strive to support those unforeseen emergencies that we know occur and can make a difference to you and your customers.

We can repair dents and creases on swage lines, behind bracing, and areas with completely no access. If you are looking for a invisible repair with No tool marks, beaten copper effect, high spots, peaks or crowns, then we are the company for you!

We frequently repair large or complex dents and creases that other companies are unable to, saving you unnecessary bodyshop costs and time without your vehicles.

Dent Diamond is a local company that keeps up to date with break through technologies/techniques and have worked throughout the world perfecting our craft. As a company we invest in custom made tooling to ensure that if a dent is possible we can repair it and to the highest standard.

We are constantly pushing the limits of Paintless Dent Removal and would welcome a challenge.